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The $2 Million Car Accident that was Settled Through Mediation

Some auto accidents happen, and the injuries are so severe that entire lives are changed forever. When these tragic personal injury cases occur, getting the client fairly compensated for a life of pain and disability can be tricky. One such auto accident happened to one of Lane Kay’s clients, here is her story:

Over the years, Lane kay has achieved a reputation for excellent work as a personal injury attorney throughout the Vegas Valley, using only word-of-mouth advertising. This client had just been involved in a car accident that left her severely injured, and she found Lane by asking friends and family for referrals. After meeting with Lane, she was able to focus on getting better while he handled every aspect of her case from beginning to end, including recovery for property damage.

Lane’s client suffered injuries that left her in a lot of pain, requiring a spinal stimulator implant just to relieve some of that pain. After going through extensive medical treatments, she was still going to be disabled due to this accident. Lane knew that she needed to be fairly compensated in a way that would support her for the rest of her life. A lawsuit was filed to hold the responsible party accountable for his client’s injuries and damages. Prior to the case going to trail, Lane settled the case through mediation, saving her a lot of money. He got her compensation that paid her up front and over time — a settlement that reached nearly $2 million, and she was quite pleased.

Making clients happy by getting them the compensation they deserve is why Lane is in this business.

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