Auto Accident



When accidents happen, the damage done can be significant but not always show up immediately. The long-term damage can often be the most expensive, leaving people with injuries they can’t afford to pay months and years after an accident.

For Lane, the most important part of a personal injury case is the person who was injured. He takes the time to check on his clients before moving forward with a claim, because it’s essential to get them all the money they need, not just some of it.

If you’ve been in a car accident recently and need legal assistance to get you the money you deserve, contact Lane Kay. Your first consultation is free, and you’ll be meeting with a personal injury attorney face-to-face who has the knowledge and experience to help you make the best decisions and get you fairly compensated. Lane is here to give you the advice and support that you need to get the best possible result on your personal injury claim.

Lane Kay represented a client that was involved in a motor vehicle accident, and her injuries seemed minor at first. She received treatment for soft tissue injuries, and after concluding treatment, Lane submitted a demand package to the adverse insurance company. A settlement offer was presented to the client, but before any settlement was finalized, Lane asked his client how she was feeling. She was still having significant residual complaints, so Lane put the claim on hold and told her to follow up with her health care provider. She discovered that a disk in her back was badly injured and orthopedic surgery was required. Just like that, her case went from a 5-figure to a 6-figure settlement. Lane fought for her on this claim, stood up to her insurance company, and made certain she got all the money she needed to recover fully.


There are 10 important steps to take if you are injured in an auto accident:
  1. Stop after the accident
  2. Call the police and get a report on file
  3. Exchange required information
  4. Make no admissions
  5. Obtain witness information
  6. Take pictures of cars, scene & parties
  7. See a health care provider
  8. Contact your insurance company
  9. Make arrangements for car repairs
  10. Speak with an experienced attorney
The moments immediately after an auto accident are highly emotional and confusing.
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I was involved in a major car accident requiring me to get a lawyer. I have known Lane for years, and am aware he handles his cases personally, not like the large conglomerates where a client is just a number. Lane handled all the details, allowing me to visit the many doctors needed to treat my injuries. He kept me up to date on my case and responded to my calls and emails promptly. I would refer Lane Kay, as I have done before. Lane handling my case simplified my life and relieved a lot of stress and aggravation.