Get to know Lane

“I have seen the view from both sides and know how other attorneys and insurance companies work.”


Lane first began working in the area of law in 1980 after graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice from San Jose State University. Working his way up from an associate to running his own practice, Lane has seen every side of the courtroom. Through this process, Lane learned the right way to practice law: treat people with respect and dignity, fight for their rights, and always approach each case with honesty and morality. Lane treats his clients the way he would want to be treated if he was injured in an accident.

Lane began practicing personal injury and legal malpractice law in California in 1984. He moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1994
and started his own law firm in 1996. Since starting the Law Office of Lane S. Kay, he practices personal injury law exclusively.
He is also a court-appointed arbitrator, and has presided over hundreds of arbitration cases since 2007.
Lane is licensed to practice law in both California and Nevada.

The Law Office of Lane S. Kay handles both small and large personal injury claim cases. Lane is a Member of the
Million Dollar Advocates Forum in Nevada, which are trial lawyers best known to have won million dollar cases.
Fewer than 1% of lawyers in the U.S. are granted membership into this prestigious group.


Lane spent the first half of his career suing attorneys for malpractice and often arbitrates other personal injury cases. He knows how the other sides work. This experience not only reinforces his values, but makes him an invaluable asset to have by your side.

Practicing law in an ethical manner is the only way to ensure justice.
Staying honest with clients, in and out of the courtroom, is the only way to win cases.
It is important to me to be a lawyer with moral integrity.


Lane has always had a passion for interacting with people and learning about their personal injury case. He has the expertise and experience needed to find legal solutions that work.

The first consultation is always free. Competing firms use case managers or paralegals to work their client’s claims. Lane believes the only way to get the best compensation for his clients is to personally meet with them and handle each aspect of the case, himself, from beginning to end.


What if you are hospitalized due to injury, stuck at home because your vehicle was totaled, or in too much pain to drive to a law office?

Lane will personally travel to his clients, wherever they are located or want to meet. From first consultation to litigation, Lane meets with his clients in the most convenient location for them. Lane is NOT a “big billboard attorney”, he actually listens, cares, and fights alongside his clients every step of the way.


There are 10 important steps to take if you are injured in an auto accident.
  1. Stop after an accident
  2. Call the police and get a report on file
  3. Exchange required information
  4. Make no admissions
  5. Obtain witness information
  6. Take pictures of cars, scene & parties
  7. See a health care provider
  8. Contact your insurance company
  9. Make arrangements for car repairs
  10. Speak with an experienced attorney
The moments immediately after an auto accident are highly emotional and confusing.
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I was involved in a major car accident requiring me to get a lawyer. I have known Lane for years, and am aware he handles his cases personally, not like the large conglomerates where a client is just a number. Lane handled all the details, allowing me to visit the many doctors needed to treat my injuries. He kept me up to date on my case and responded to my calls and emails promptly. I would refer Lane Kay, as I have done before. Lane handling my case simplified my life and relieved a lot of stress and aggravation.