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Tales from a Personal Injury Lawyer: When You Can’t See the Auto Accident Injury

When you’ve been hit while in a vehicle, the injuries you sustain can range in severity. Sometimes, you won’t even know how extensive the damage is until weeks or months after the car accident happened. This is what occurred to one of Lane Kay’s clients:

Lane Kay knows the right questions to ask his clients to ensure they get the best possible compensation for their auto accident injury. He asked his client, who initially seemed to suffer soft tissue damage, how she was really feeling before accepting the first offer that came their way. He discovered she still “didn’t feel quite right”, but she thought she’d just have to live with these continued problems the rest of her life. Instead of recommending she accept the first offer from the insurance company, he suggested she go back to the chiropractor and then to an orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion.

Following his advice, she learned she would need surgery for a severe spinal injury found due to an MRI referral. Surgery meant more time to heal and being out of work for weeks. Her injury claim was no longer a $25,000 soft tissue damage case — Lane discovered she needed much more to properly compensate his client for the injuries she sustained.

In an effort to close out the case quickly, a less observant lawyer might have recommended she accept the first offer on the table. Instead, Lane asked the right questions, got her to the right doctor, settled with the adverse insurance company for the policy limits, and got the client’s underinsured carrier to pay their policy limits for the injuries she suffered.

Lane’s ultimate goal is for his clients to feel better, be healthy and get fairly compensated. That’s why he personally works each case from beginning to end.

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Lane is the best lawyer we ever had. He explained everything by himself. Even when he was on vacation he still called me back to update me on the status of my case. We really appreciate all the help he gave us during a hard time in our lives. Thanks again Lane!!